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RE: Penumbra: Necrologue [FULL RELEASE] - Slanderous - 11-05-2014

Fucking melodrama, because i didn't put a spoil before a quest. Now because of me all of you know how the game is gonna end, you also thank to me for revealing you everything gameplay - related. I'm such a bastard.

RE: Penumbra: Necrologue [FULL RELEASE] - CorinthianMerchant - 11-05-2014

(11-04-2014, 05:21 PM)Fatalist Wrote:
Quote:I have followed the instructions, but I can't access the Necrologue_eng file. Does anyone else have a similar problem?

What kind of problem you have? Have you any errors screen?

It says: "This unit, file or computing path could not be accessed. You may not be authorised to access this object."

RE: Penumbra: Necrologue [FULL RELEASE] - DnALANGE - 11-05-2014

way to hard!
Puzzles were not visible or not really showed \ hints what to do...
Spoiler Below!
Spoiler below!

Mapping\ scripting etc.. 11\10!
Overall 8\10 bugs\gamebreaking i mean,
That part with the spiders attacking... damn! That was annoying and hard!
And the brick you need to find to push for the doors to open near the end... never saw them, YT helpedTongue
The lagg of quests\ hints were unfortunat..

RE: Penumbra: Necrologue [FULL RELEASE] - Daemian - 11-05-2014

Necrologue.Fan.Add( dnAlange );

RE: Penumbra: Necrologue [FULL RELEASE] - Dune Jumper - 11-06-2014

My review of the mod: (It's a pretty long review, so I'll put a spoiler on it.)
Spoiler below!
Despite the fact that this is a "mod", it is easily the best Penumbra game.
The developers did a excellent job with making it feel exactly like an official Penumbra game. They ported the models, textures, and sounds straight from the original games. Oh, they didn't just port them, they tweaked them. Textures have been reskined to look more high quality and modern. Not to mention the game mechanics play and feel very similar to the original games, only a lot less clunky. If you showed this to me without me knowing what it was, and you told me it was an official Penumbra game made by Frictional Games, I wouldn't question you.
They didn't only port things from the originals. They added their own new, custom stuff. One of them being an OST. And the OST sounds awesome. Some of the songs are spin-offs/remixes of music heard in the prior games, and others are completely new. Once again, they did a great job with making it sound like something you'd hear in an official Penumbra game.
One surprising thing is how long this is. Its longer than any of the prior games. I think it took me about 10 hours to beat. And it doesn't even get tedious. You visit lots of different location themes. The prior games had a specific theme for each game. In Overture you were in the old mines. In Black Plague you were in the modern facility. In Requiem you were in some weird alien/dream world. But in Necrologue, you visit them all in one game! It may sound like a cluster, but they all went together really well, and the transitions didn't feel out of place. You even revisit some areas that were in the originals.
Something that I really liked were the enemies. Unlike the prior games, which only had a few enemy types, or even none, this has 6 different ones. They brought back ALL the enemies from previous games, so expect some giant spiders, or even a feral dog or two. Don't worry, though. They added some NEW enemy types, too! Well, technically they aren't "new," they're actually unused ones from when the original games were in development. It's awesome, because it's rare for an Amnesia mod to have custom enemies. Let alone 6 different ones.
I have mixed feelings about the voice acting. Most of the voices in of themselves didn't sound bad, the worst part was when they tried to substitute the voices of the original characters. For example, Clarance hardly sounds like Clarance at all. Everybody else sounded good/decent though. (I'm talking about the English version. I don't know how good the Russian voice actors are.)
Unfortunately, since this is a foreign game, there is some broken English. Mainly the notes and some loading screens had a few typos in them. Nothing too bad.
There are a few annoying bugs. At one point, I was required to turn a valve, but the valve was stuck! I couldn't turn it at all! To fix it, I had to restart the game.
By far the worst part about this game is how unstable it is. They obviously didn't test this on lower graphics settings. If your Texture Quality isn't set to High, the game is unplayable. If you have some other stuff on lower settings, some things will glitch out. For example, while I was playing on low settings, a button I was required to press was completely invisible. The only reason I got past that part was because I watched a let's play. Even if your computer is capable of playing on maxed out settings, you will still experience a few fatal crashes. Those aren't persistent, though.
Despite the above issues, I can't bring my self to lower the score even a little bit. The good simply outweighs the bad. Its better than the original Penumbra games. This is the final installment Frictional Games should've made.

RE: Penumbra: Necrologue [FULL RELEASE] - Mudbill - 11-08-2014

I just dropped by Wikipedia and noticed how this mod is already listed under the Penumbra Video Game Series article. That's pretty sweet. Was it you guys who added it maybe? Tongue

RE: Penumbra: Necrologue [FULL RELEASE] - CorinthianMerchant - 11-12-2014

Just out of curiousity, why does it have to use a .exe file instead of a .bat?

I managed to get it running by creating a .bat file, but it crashed when I clicked "new game".

FATAL ERROR: Could not load script file 'Necrologue_eng/maps/00_prologue.hps'!
main (123, 1) : ERR  : No matching signatures to 'StartInsanityEvent(string@&)'
main (133, 1) : ERR  : No matching signatures to 'StartInsanityEvent(string@&)'
main (144, 1) : ERR  : No matching signatures to 'StartInsanityEvent(string@&)'
main (153, 1) : ERR  : No matching signatures to 'StartInsanityEvent(string@&)'
main (165, 1) : ERR  : No matching signatures to 'StartInsanityEvent(string@&)'
main (174, 1) : ERR  : No matching signatures to 'StartInsanityEvent(string@&)'

RE: Penumbra: Necrologue [FULL RELEASE] - Fatalist - 11-15-2014

(11-12-2014, 08:42 PM)CorinthianMerchant Wrote: I managed to get it running by creating a .bat file, but it crashed when I clicked "new game".

Because we use the 1.3 patch. ( )

Update version of the Necrologue coming in this weekend's! Fixed crashes, bugs, glitches. Nerfed some difficult parts.

RE: Penumbra: Necrologue [FULL RELEASE] - CorinthianMerchant - 11-16-2014

(11-15-2014, 06:27 AM)Fatalist Wrote: Because we use the 1.3 patch. ( )

Thanks, it works now!

RE: Penumbra: Necrologue [FULL RELEASE] - banditbandit - 11-30-2014

Hello, as the version 1.1 start with a bat file, is there a solution to start it from steam (I can't make no-steam game shortcut from bat file, only from exe...)?