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Failed to start game (missing executable) - jfrantz2 - 11-06-2014

I was able to play earlier today, so the this completely baffles me as I have made no software or hardware changes.

When I go to launch the game, I am greeted by...
Quote:Failed to start game (missing executable).

Now I am 100% sure the executable is there. Did steam file verification and 0 files failed to check. So I did the following:
  • Purged steam installation directory entirely (game files are on a different steam game folder)
  • Deleted the executable, and re-verified in case the executable was messed up some how
  • Purged .frictionalgames directory in case of a faulty config

location of my stuff:
Steam install /home/jfrantz/steamfolder
game folder: /mnt/windows/linuxsteam


The launcher will run if I run it directly from console, but not the main game executable. As I was able to get the launcher to run, here's the launchers log

Edit 2:
Other steam games work fine

Edit 3:
Reinstalling game will report back soon (slow internet)