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Need someone to sort out config files! - A.M Team - 11-15-2014

Hello people on the fourms!

I am making an adventure FC called Doctor Poo: Neo. Up until October everything was working smoothly. The levels were functional and I was doing OK.

I decided to edit the base_english and english .LANG files. I don't know what it was but around the middle of October when I tried to test my FC the window popped up as normal but then it crashed.

I would like to request that someone would look at my config files and check them to see if anyone can fix them. I tried to edit them with a FC template but I'm afraid that I'll lose my previous data.

To anyone who is interested in helping me I can PM you the hpl.log and the config files. You can request more files if necessary.

If someone is successful in helping me I will:
-Credit them in my FC
-(Optional) A secret level devoted to the person who helps me

Thanks and good luck! Smile

RE: Need someone to sort out config files! - Romulator - 11-15-2014

Drop me a pm - it's actually best to send the whole FC folder in whole as a rar or zip. Upload it to Mediafire or something and send me a link.

Shouldn't take me too long Smile