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Amnesia crash after gamma - Martinez - 11-16-2014

I used to be able to run amnesia well, i started it back up again once i reach the part where it says loading after you choose the gamma it crashes and gives me a exception_access_violation in module amnesia.exe at 0023: 005A8FCE

my hpl file says "ATTENTION: System does not support const arrays in glsl!
ERROR: Failed to link GLSL program DepthOnly" and i get errors from there on

thanks for reading

RE: Amnesia crash after gamma - plutomaniac - 11-17-2014

Possibly corrupted OpenGL drivers. Use the Have Disk Method to update your Intel HD graphics card to the latest driver available from Intel as mentioned at the Graphics Card Troubleshooting Guide.

RE: Amnesia crash after gamma - Guest - 11-20-2014

i changed to different drivers and it worked thank you so much!