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[Closed]Need 3D Models - Catalyst - 11-26-2014

So, people,

I have a big need for my CS, I need some 3D models, egypt, obelisk, statues Anubis and others, maybe if you find something let me know please , any model that can reflect Ancient Egypt atmosphere is welcome there. I found some nice models but they were not free, about 40$ one...Maybe if you can get a nice model, free one, i'd like a nice models ( if there are large heart people that can give me like a gift I would be very happy for your help)

Thanks, I hope I will receive some downloading links Smile

RE: [Request]Need 3D Models - Slanderous - 11-26-2014

Nobody will do you any models for free.

RE: [Request]Need 3D Models - RedKnight - 11-26-2014

(11-26-2014, 09:37 PM)Lazzer Wrote: Nobody will do you any models for free.

true, unless if you pay.

RE: [Request]Need 3D Models - Mudbill - 11-27-2014

I have actually made quite a few desert-y models, however they are for my own project as of now.

As stated, you shouldn't expect anyone to spend hours on making models for a stranger online for free. Perhaps someone will, but you're very lucky if they do. It's like composing a song and giving it away to someone else; not something you wanna do without reason.

RE: [Request]Need 3D Models - Slanderous - 11-27-2014

Yes. Modelling takes eons of time and requires a lot of patience. The other thing is when you actually pay someone to model you something. Modelling stuff is pretty much like a job for a lot of people that sculpt stuff, as you pay them and get what you want. There is no one that's gonna will to waste hours in a modelling software for free. Sure, you can look for a dude who'll model for you for free, but that's very difficult to find. This is a sisyphean task.

RE: [Request]Need 3D Models - Catalyst - 11-27-2014

Ok. You can forget about this thread

I just asked if you accidentaly see something interesting and free but anyway...

RE: [Closed]Need 3D Models - Mudbill - 11-27-2014

You don't normally come across something made specifically for Amnesia accidentally. You can of course search other mods and see if they use anything and then ask them for permission to use them yourself.