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outside - G510s - 12-14-2014

can someone explain how to make an outside map?

i have looked on youtube and i have not found any videos on how to make one.

RE: outside - Radical Batz - 12-14-2014

It's very easy really, Just open the hpl level editor and mess around with it!
Just make it look like an outside area that's all... here is an outside maps I did with the hpl level editor!

[Image: K5JrIpB.jpg]

Pick a dirt plane and put some trees around, some fog and lighting with some plants and there is your forest map.. pretty easy question to answer really! if you don't know how to use the level editor you could always check YouTube tutorials of the level editor here

Goodluck my friend Smile

RE: outside - Mudbill - 12-14-2014

To say it's easy is maybe pushing it, because HPL2 was never really made for outside environments. That's not to say they aren't possible though, as already explained. I think the main reason they are challenging is because there aren't many stock assets to use for it. If you can, I suggest using the AMFP assets; they'll help you greatly with more trees and some stone structures and fences.

RE: outside - Juras - 12-14-2014

You might also wanna look at this wiki article: (which for some reason is missing images now)