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Will it be better? - Aliennoffe - 06-20-2009

Do you think Unknown will be better than Penumbra?

RE: Will it be better? - Kedjane - 06-20-2009

Yes. I actually believe Frictional can pull that off. I hope they can, at least.
Even if it becomes better however I still don't think it will become "great" as in getting more than 8/10 reviews and moderate sales, I don't think this will be their "break" and I think most of us still are going to relate Frictional = Penumbra series rather than Frictional = Unknown.
Honestly we have barely seen anything from Unknown yet, that usually means trouble unless they are going to make a pretty large reveal soon (such as a real trailer showing a near-finished product, opening of a site with lots of mysterious info).

RE: Will it be better? - Aliennoffe - 06-20-2009

The HPL2 will be cool, hovever!

RE: Will it be better? - tdg - 06-24-2009

Well, from what I can tell of the location and era, there is a MUCH richer and diverse amount of lore and legends for them to tap.
It seems to me that they can probably build a story that more people will feel comfortable with, and one that could break a few stereotypes.

On top of the story potential, you then have the graphical potential.
Penumbra had limited opportunity for diversity in the design, by comparison. There were a few archetypal areas they built into Penumbra, and most of them were really well designed.
The difference here is that they can have even more diversity (potentially), and more memorable features... perhaps not epic openings in ice caves and such, but definitely artistically diverse areas, epic statues, halls, secret passages, etc.

Anyway, it could be better... Just wait and see.

RE: Will it be better? - Aliennoffe - 06-24-2009

I've hard to think it whould be better, but I hope!

RE: Will it be better? - WindexGlow - 06-24-2009

Thanks mods!

RE: Will it be better? - Yuhaney - 06-25-2009

It's only one day.

RE: Will it be better? - spukrian - 06-25-2009

I do hope that it will be even better than the Penumbra games! Smile:

RE: Will it be better? - Tommy Gun - 06-26-2009

I hope it is, frictional only seem to be improving.
And here's a bit of Proof for You, PolygonSpammer voted Yes... for those of you who don't know who he is, he is registered under "frictional Games"

RE: Will it be better? - graykin - 06-26-2009

I voted "Yes", but only because there was no "Maybe" selection.

It's still a little too early to say "It will be better!", but I won't deny I'm certainly hopeful, and relatively confident that it will be better(which is why I voted "Yes".) But still, it's too early. As long as they keep the spirit of Penumbra, and manage to pimp it out quite a bit, then they'll be in business. :-)

But as Kedjane said, FG is probably still going to be more renown for Penumbra then Unknown, unless they're REALLY able to amp it up.