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RE: Monster - Razalhague - 07-23-2009

I don't think sentient means what you think it means, Lee. Most importantly, it's not the same thing as sapient.

RE: Monster - Grodz Andrey - 12-28-2009

developers have not responded to any of the game will montsry!
russian text: разработчики не ответили какие в игре будут монтсры!

RE: Monster - TheLittleGarfield - 12-28-2009

I choose dogs, snails and slimeballs Big Grin GO TEAM SNAILS

RE: Monster - lillmuffin - 12-31-2009

Aliens Would been to weard!
its like Silent hill... Whit the alien jokes that ruins all the scarynes!
but spiders and zombies is the Classic shit! bring it on!

BTW: It would also been awesome if you actualy could meet other humans in this games...

RE: Monster - noctislp - 01-01-2010

I've noticed on this thread that all the ideas everyone had-are creatures we all know quite well, or very close anyway. Why not create your own unique creatures right from scratch? (You could still base it off a...earthly creature.) You can make dogs and spiders, etc... fine, so I'm sure you could make your own. Not to mention it adds to the creativity of the game. Creatures seem much more believable (I spelled it right! Big GrinSmile when you never seen it before, or anything simular to it. (You may notice this when it comes to robotics)

RE: Monster - nofsky - 01-18-2010

More fitting to the setting of Amnesia would probably be Living suits or armor, ghosts and stuff like that. But somehow I don't think that's what we'll get... probably something Lovecraftian instead!

RE: Monster - Fatbaticus - 04-14-2010

(07-19-2009, 06:18 PM)Aliennoffe Wrote:
(06-20-2009, 09:59 PM)WindexGlow Wrote: lol, is this kid trolling the forum? Mass posts, sounds young, topics all about the same thing...ect.

EDIT: Hoozah, 1000 post.

How do you than protect that many of you are afraid of spiders and bats! Actually, I've kissed a spider (I understand if you don't belive me).

I've kissed a spider after I ate it.