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lantern oil (SOLVED) - G510s - 12-18-2014

what script do i use to set the players oil when the player loads into the map?

RE: lantern oil (SOLVED) - Mudbill - 12-18-2014

As this is already solved, I'll just leave the answer here as reference for anyone in the future:

PHP Code:
void SetPlayerLampOil(float afOil);
void AddPlayerLampOil(float afOil);
float GetPlayerLampOil(); 

RE: lantern oil (SOLVED) - DnALANGE - 12-19-2014

(float afOil);
Can be for example:
SetPlayerLampOil(75); this is the ammount - >75% of the oil in the inventory.
just a small hint there for you IF you didnt understand\knew.