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Simulacrum - Kurton - 12-18-2014

[Image: sdIqcQW.jpg]

The desert is home to a handful of villages whose ancestry reaches back centuries. All of them surround a mythologically celebrated ancient stronghold that stands drilling water from a deep-seated aquifer to support the nearby settlements.

There is a presence there, perpetuated only by black magic.

Rand Bousaid, a monk from one of the few cloisters atop the plateau, is roused by recurring dreams of a hellish scourge laying waste to everything, always shown with a looming acropolis in the background. One night he packs his belongings, leaves a letter of notice to the Abbot, and sets out to find the place he so vividly recalls.

Spoiler below!

Spoiler below!
[Image: screen_shot_2013-03-03_at_7.06.11_pm.png]

Spoiler below!
[Image: Screen_shot_2014-01-06_at_12.41.32_PM.png]

Spoiler below!
[Image: Screen_Shot_2014-12-16_at_3.08.53_PM.png]

RE: Simulacrum - 7heDubz - 12-19-2014

Looks stunning, cannot WAIT.

RE: Simulacrum - Kman - 12-19-2014

i played half of this and it was better than like 90% of the content that gets posted to this website tbh

RE: Simulacrum - Ashtoreth - 12-19-2014

Judging by the teaser and the screenshots, it does look very high-quality. And the description sounds mysterious enough to peak my interest.

Following on ModDB. Wink

RE: Simulacrum - Streetboat - 12-19-2014

this looks quite nice, keep on truckin'!

RE: Simulacrum - i3670 - 12-19-2014

So it doesn't have anything to do with Baudrillard?

RE: Simulacrum - Kurton - 12-19-2014

No but reading up on those ideas it does seem pretty interesting :O

RE: Simulacrum - AGP - 12-20-2014

Ooh, looks nifty!!

RE: Simulacrum - Kurton - 03-13-2015

New photo

Spoiler below!
[Image: Screen_Shot_2015-03-12_at_1.20.31_AM.png]
as well as a music update:

♫ - Main Title - ♬

RE: Simulacrum - Darkfire - 03-13-2015

Awesome mod ! Did you make the music yourself ?
Ps. How do you do those smooth camera moves (from the teaser) ? I don't remember such options in HPL.