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[Answered]Lights - Catalyst - 12-21-2014

Hello guys,

I have a little problem with lights. These lights are thunderlights and I had set a option to light at flicker and to play sound of thunder at him. So I made at Onleave option to set spot light visible - false, but light and sounds still remains when I return to this level where lightning are active from previous where atmosphere is after rain.

There is the script that I made to set these lights inactive:
void OnLeave()
SetLightVisible("SpotLight_1", false);
SetLightVisible("SpotLight_2", false);
SetLightVisible("SpotLight_3", false);
SetLightVisible("SpotLight_4", false);
SetLightVisible("SpotLight_5", false);
SetLightVisible("SpotLight_6", false);
SetLightVisible("SpotLight_7", false);
SetLightVisible("SpotLight_8", false);
SetLightVisible("SpotLight_9", false);
SetLightVisible("SpotLight_10", false);
SetLightVisible("SpotLight_11", false);
SetLightVisible("BoxLight_1", true);
SetEntityActive("AreaLockDoor", true);

Looks that lights are turned off, but sounds on flicker persists.Maybe there exist another script command for a SpotLight Type or for flicker?

Thank for your wiewing Smile

RE: Lights - Newsman Waterpaper - 12-21-2014

SetLightFlickerActive(string& asLightName, bool abActive); might solve your problem.

RE: Lights - Catalyst - 12-21-2014

Thank you bro, really helped poor newbie Smile have a rep