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No deal on Steam this weekend? - nymon - 07-17-2009

I'm here and ready to purchase because of this:

Quote:Weekend Deal!

Penumbra Collection is selling for $5 this weekend!
Starting on Friday the 17th of July and ending on Monday morning the 20th of July!

Why no deal on Steam? Is my only option going to be Gamers Gate this weekend?

RE: No deal on Steam this weekend? - jens - 07-17-2009

The deal was originally for Mac & Linux only, so stores we worked with to get the 5 USD deal in place were non Windows stores. Then Gamer's Gate liked the idea of doing Windows as well and did that, so it was a last minute addition to have the Windows version for 5 as well.

Steam had the 5 deal a couple of weeks ago, which was the whole reason why we wanted to arrange this for Mac & Linux as well.

RE: No deal on Steam this weekend? - nymon - 07-17-2009

Well then, I guess I should be thankful for Gamers Gate!

RE: No deal on Steam this weekend? - Sephy - 07-18-2009

I was just about to buy the game there, too.

...until I noticed that (I'm from Germany, by the way) they changed the price here from $4.99 to 4.99 Euro. :frown:

I know, with such a low price it's just a matter of a few bucks (4.99€ instead of ~3.50€) and I shouldn't really care - but it's not about the money.
I just find it outrageous to so completely ignore the currency rate. As I said, I know it's not a big deal in this case, but the sheer fact that they so boldly ignore it (just imagine I wanted to buy something in their store for $100 [~70€]? would they just turn that into 100€ or what?) made me angry enough to cancel the payment.

I'm sorry, this isn't your fault and I would have liked to buy it for that price - but I dont want to support a shop that treats the exchange rate as if it didn't exist. That's not the kind of fair treatment I'd expect from a good shop. :/

Guess, I'll just buy this edition somewhere in a store, instead...