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Possible Trojan - al4games - 07-20-2009

I bought the Linux version of Penumbra with no problem, but when I went to get the Windows version from GamersGate, as the download began my Bitdefender popped up a message that it had blocked a trojan horse from GamersGate. I don't think that any damage occurred, but it made me a bit nervous. I don't know if it was a real threat or a false alarm, but I figured that I would mention it.

RE: Possible Trojan - Sexbad - 07-20-2009


RE: Possible Trojan - bricktop - 07-20-2009

From the GamersGate FAQ (link):

Q: There is a virus in the Download!!
A: No, it is not, but some antivirus programs think so. For BitDefender: turn off real time protection.