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Is anyone seeding the Linux collection? (BitTorrent) - 86me - 07-21-2009

Ahoy there. I recently purchased the Linux version of the collection. I was given a download link and probably should have downloaded it immediately, but alas, I was in Windows and needed to get my wireless card working (whole 'nother story) in Linux.

Now I'm back in unix bliss and I want to play Penumbra, BAD!

I'm downloading the (supposedly), but it's just sitting there at 0% with 0 of 0 peers. This has been like this for about an hour now...

I want so much for this Linux gaming experience to go smoothly. I am worried that there are very few, if any people downloading the Linux collection.

Can an admin send me a real download link? I have all the emails that you guys sent me when I purchased the game.

I can call and give you all my information again if need be.

Oops. Nevermind. I found a link under "Download Support" to re-download via

Downloading at 900KB/sec