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Language (UTF8?) - Tanshaydar - 07-22-2009

Hi everyone.
I saw the translation work for Penumbra series.
Unfortunately, I met Penumbra last year :cry:, when it showed up on Steam. Now, I'm making a Turkish translation for series; which I think will make game more popular in my country, likely. I read about font and xml files, and I don't have any problem for now. At least, it looks so.

I wonder if Unknown will support such translations. If so, is it going to be UTF8 encoding? I hope so Blush


RE: Language (UTF8?) - Googolplex - 01-07-2010

I hope, Amnesia have multilangual translation with german support.
And not a self-made-translation, I would have a built-in official german language. Otherwise I do not buy me an english game!

I've self-made a german-translation for Requiem. That's enough!

RE: Language (UTF8?) - Tanshaydar - 01-07-2010

I hope it'd be possible to translate it before the release date, like it'll have Turkish as another multilanguage option.