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RE: Some flaws... - ROT51 - 12-08-2009

That's right!! It was his brains, but that's not the only place where you can see human brains....

RE: Some flaws... - RoyaleBeast - 12-08-2009

Well I never thought that he cut off his hand. I thought that when he started to cut off his hand the immune system that was resisting the infection was trying to focus less on the infection and more on the hand that was being cut. Thus the infection saw the perfect time to take control. Also I thought that was just a chuck of skin and organs that flew out of the window when he mutated. It's like in RE5 when someone mutates into a bigger monster. They freaking explode and I assumed that's kinda what had happened since the transformation was so quick. Angel

RE: Some flaws... - Petike - 01-15-2010

You know, I've been thinking. Maybe Frisk became... :eek: the fabled and enigmatic "Hunter" ! Big Grin: Yeah, that old favourite of ours - the object of many wacky fan theories... Wink:

From what we read and witnessed about his behaviour, he seemed to act in a pretty unique way compared to the regular Infected. And unlike them, he only growled and hissed, apparently becoming unable to speak like a normal human. With the ominous green goo and Frisk's cannibalistic appetite in mind, I think it's pretty safe to state that his mutation went reeeeally of the rails... Hell, after my experience with the Kennel level, I've started to reevaluate that theory about the Hunter dragging away the Spider Guy from Overture (instead of a smaller rock worm). Despite Frisk not appearing to you directly in his favourite dark corridor (since he had no actual NPC model), I still have a lot of reasons to believe he WAS the Hunter creature - or a similar being...

RE: Some flaws... - Skaruts - 05-13-2010

I loved Frisk. Precisely because I couldn't even imagine his form or his constitution. He was just... something... something that was there, and was very harmful, lethal actualy. I remember looking down the hall after having the lights on and thinking to myself "oh my... are the lights supposed to kill it?? What if I still need something else?" and while I trespassed his "property" I was like looking at the holes and wandering when he'd show up. The truth is: you don't kill it. But I felt a big releaf when I was on the other side... lol
Never felt such a relief in a game before...

But the thing I most loved was the dog that runs towards you with DEATH written all over it, and suddenly he just POPs off and nothing happens. Big Grin I must confess, and I'm NOT easily frightened, I jumped on the chair and almost painted my pants brown.

I'm currently replaying the series, I just incinerated my best pal Red, and feasted over his screams, like he'd probably want me to Big Grin, and when I finish this one I'll replay BP. I'm a little anxious for it, cuz I really loved BP. <3

RE: Some flaws... - Valalvax - 05-17-2010

I thought Frisk was a person? Is he a dog? I don't feel like loading the game atm to reread the notes... I thought it was fairly obvious that he was latched onto your back eating at your spinal column

RE: Some flaws... - spukrian - 05-17-2010

I always pictured Frisk as looking like the infamous Hunter.

RE: Some flaws... - Sexbad - 05-17-2010

I'm nearly certain that he's the guy eating the dog in the intro to Black Plague. I can't really think of who else that may be.

RE: Some flaws... - Skaruts - 05-17-2010

(05-17-2010, 09:01 PM)Lee Wrote: I'm nearly certain that he's the guy eating the dog in the intro to Black Plague. I can't really think of who else that may be.

Actualy I think that's Red. Since he is talking about past events in the intro.

If I'm not wrong the first time the name Frisk comes into play is after you incinerate Red. When you finaly enter The Shelter, and you find the note on the ground, his name is written there.

RE: Some flaws... - Sexbad - 05-17-2010

But the thing is that the environment he's in is rather newer looking than the rest of the mine. But he is wearing a miner's hardhat. I doubt, however, that it's Red, since you don't once see him or know any of his features.

RE: Some flaws... - Skaruts - 05-17-2010

After incinerating him, when you go to the place he was sleeping in, I think there's a point where you look at a wall and phillip sais "now I know how Red looked like", I'm gonna confirm this later.

But that image of the guy with the dog (he's not eating the dog, he's feeding it) happens to appear when you hear these words "I was plagued by doubts, fears, and mysteries, and aided by a madman, Red. You had to know how lonely I was."

I think Frisk is the forever unseen enemy, but if he shows up anytime he may be the guy at the end of the corridor in the last scene of Overture, and the guy pulling phillip from his foot on BP's intro.