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RE: traggey MUST be stopped! Poll - Traggey - 02-06-2015

I have no intention of perma-banning anyone, it was merely a 4 day ban due to a reason.

And could you please provide a source of these ''hatefull'' PM's that I've apparently sent you?

RE: traggey MUST be stopped! Poll - Romulator - 02-06-2015


Spoiler below!
Miles Edgeworth Wrote:Amateurs, amateurs. Listen to me... proof is everything. Without it, you have nothing. You ARE nothing.

DnALANGE's claim is that Traggey does not moderate correctly, stating he does not contribute enough to the forum, and/or abuses his power as part of the moderating team. I have not seen anything substantial or acceptable to reinforce this.

In all instances on the first page of a search for DNaLANGE mentioning "Traggey" in a post, then backtracking a little up the thread, there does not appear to be anything public which directly affects DNaLANGE unless it is associated with a post he has made regarding Traggey.

Other than the first thread I posted on the first page, in which Traggey states an unbiased contribution to a request by Lange, there are other, but minimal instances, where the two talk. In both the below occasions, Traggey, in my opinion, responds correctly to the situation and dealt with promptly.

But then Lange, there is, your side. Where in your context, tend to do things such as 'backseat moderating', directly mentioning Traggey in bad ways and methods, and also ask for bans. Here is a small collection of them.

This one is justifiable, until you said 'crancy'.

And there are also a few instances of name calling and insults in this thread alone. Some of which are more indirect.

(02-06-2015, 01:52 PM)DnALANGE Wrote: The low guy banned me cause of this post :
(02-06-2015, 01:52 PM)DnALANGE Wrote: banning and saying things like acting as an asshole..
HE is a reasposable guy he need to be an example of higher people..

(02-06-2015, 01:52 PM)DnALANGE Wrote: Also W H Y should you BAN someone on the other hand, i am 1 of the very less active members here who know 80-90% of the enitire engine (FC included)

^This. Look up a user named TheGreatCthulu. He is, I would argue, more inactive than you. However, his knowledge of the engine, I would also argue, surpasses any active user outside of the Frictional Games company scope. However, knowledge of the engine should not surpass the methods in which you apply it.
Whether you use it to help or develop is up to the person. But you cannot justify that because you know how to use the engine to measure your importance. I may not know everything about scripting, but I can sure attempt to help people with it. My answers may be generic, but would in the least be how I contribute. [/rant]

Furthermore, something I did find interesting though is in the same search conditions as above, before the wall of Premonition problems, you and Traggey seemed alright - you were going to credit him in a few things with models, complimented his voice acting skills and a few other things too! It's a shame this how things turned out like this though.

Bottom line: I couldn't find proof of Traggey personally affecting you, but I could find numerous incidents where you were attempting to personally affect Traggey.

Problems? Then show us proof. As Traggey stated, the hateful exchange of Personal Messages would be substantial in supporting your case.

Disclaimer: I'm not a Prosecutor either.

Edit: Some of my proof may be from quite a time long ago. The rules still apply as, I don't know how long ago Lange was first banned and if for this reason.

RE: traggey MUST be stopped! Poll - Kreekakon - 02-06-2015

Normally if I saw this thread I would post a gigantic post breaking down everything wrong that Lange has brought up, but many many other users have already given out substantial loads of that and explained things better than I probably could.

Even Traggey himself has come out to give a proper response in probably what I would call an extremely civil way.

So I'll just say this:

Lange I have been on you with Skype for a very long time trying to explain to you exactly why your line of thinking was wrong, and this thread is ending up mostly as a re-tread of what I had already explained to you. Some members have also additionally said other things I had failed to mention.

So Lange I hope that you can see that you are in the vast minority here when it comes to what has been done regarding Traggey, and I am very glad that everyone in this thread has handled the matter peacefully as possible, leaving no room for actual escalation to happen.

Finally Lange...this is not what we had agreed on. You had agreed that you would show me your posts first before posting them so that I could tell that they were reasonable enough. The only reason I'm not locking this thread despite you breaking the agreement is because so far most everyone who has participated in this thread has handled the matter very no way causing what I feared what would've happened if I had not proofread your posts.

However I am still giving you a slap on the wrist for breaking the agreement that we had. Lange, you can continue to try and argue your point, but make sure to try and produce something that actually holds more decent ground.

I also congratulate and implore the rest of you to keep the thread on the levels of its current state to keep things from escalating Smile

RE: traggey MUST be stopped! Poll - Tiger - 02-06-2015

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ VIVA LA REVOLUTION ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ


RE: traggey MUST be stopped! Poll - Wooderson - 02-06-2015


RE: traggey MUST be stopped! Poll - Newsman Waterpaper - 02-06-2015

#TraggeyGate rages on...

RE: traggey MUST be stopped! Poll - DnALANGE - 02-06-2015

Finally Lange...this is not what we had agreed on.
I send it hours ago..
No response,

RE: traggey MUST be stopped! Poll - Red - 02-06-2015

Another year, another conflict.

RE: traggey MUST be stopped! Poll - Newsman Waterpaper - 02-06-2015

RE: traggey MUST be stopped! Poll - Kreekakon - 02-06-2015

(02-06-2015, 05:48 PM)DnALANGE Wrote: Finally Lange...this is not what we had agreed on.
I send it hours ago..
No response,
I told you to show me the thread BEFORE you send it out. There's no point in showing me the thread AFTER it has gone up because it loses the point of drama prevention.