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[split] Penumbra Series Ending Discussion (spoilers) - TinchoSnot99 - 02-07-2015


Well... I have to manage to give my opinion 5 years later hahahaha
I've played all Penumbra games and also Necrologue, the Amnesia mod that actually completes the story that ends up in 0.
And the ending is amazing, for example I have read the thread posts and talking about Black Plague's ending is easy. You send an E-mail to a friend, asking him to do all the things asked by the Hive Mind and that exact E-mail is the one that is being written in the beginning of Overture.
Requiem, the expansion is only a... kind of dream, like a platformer expansion that makes you believe that you escape again (if you collect the artifacts and do that ending) in the ship where you arrived to the mine. But in the common ending it shows that Phillip is only dreaming after being hit hardly by an infected.
And... well, I don't know if it's good to talk about Necrologue, 'Cause I don't know if Frictional has officialy said that the mod made by CounterCurrent (best mod ever, amazing!) fits perfectly with the story of the previous Penumbra games. But for me it's the righteous one. And as I understood, the both endings of the game, in one I think that you appear like an "after-all" in your home, like if you were writing all the stuff, the story of the games; and in the second ending you appear again, waking up in the mine opposite the entrance ladder and you climb up the surface, where you escape by the boat that brings you there at first, like if the whole story was only a dream, like Requiem.
But I'm not totally sure of that, I suppose that it is. Maybe there are other possibilities of explanation for both endings of Necrologue, or previous Penumbra games, who knows.

RE: Penumbra Series Ending Discussion (spoilers) - Slanderous - 02-07-2015

Dude, seriously. It's retarded idea to post in five years old thread.

RE: [split] Penumbra Series Ending Discussion (spoilers) - TinchoSnot99 - 02-10-2015

Kind of... retarded
I wanted to give my opinion about it but I think you're kind of right... I should've kept it myself

RE: [split] Penumbra Series Ending Discussion (spoilers) - Cask - 11-12-2015

Who is the guy at the end of the corridor in Overture?

RE: [split] Penumbra Series Ending Discussion (spoilers) - HunchbackEnt - 11-24-2015

Old thread, but it's a common misconception about Requiem's ending that "it's all a dream". You can choose to die once and for all with Red or to remain in "eternal darkness" as Eloff described it. There's no concrete proof as to which ending is canon, but considering Philip's character arc I like to think the Red ending is the true one. In the bad ending Philip, like Eloff, is forever trapped in his dark memories. One thing is certain, the boat living quarters that appear in this ending are not the same as Overture, there's the weird picture on the wall from the dream world in Black Plague so we know for sure that it WASN'T all a dream.