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Project CT - Klayman - 08-20-2009

I have finished my first game and I would like to know what do you think about it. It is called Project CT and it is about a guy who is trying to get back his stolen car from an evil corporation that owns it right now. It is oldschool top-down shooter full of action. At the end you will try to escape with your car. The playtime is around 30 minutes when playing first time. Screenshots:
Screenshot 1
Screenshot 2
Screenshot 3

Click here!

This is my first game that I have made but I had some experience with making mods for other games so I think it is not a bad game. Please let me know what do You think about it and what you like/dislike in it.

RE: Project CT - eliasfrost - 08-20-2009

Looks cool Klayman, downloading right now. Smile What language are you using?

RE: Project CT - Klayman - 08-20-2009

The game was writen in GML (Game Maker Language).

RE: Project CT - eliasfrost - 08-20-2009

It was nice. A little hard though. I died after the fourth enemy.. Tongue