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Black Plague help needed - PehShunXian - 03-25-2015

Okay the title says it all but to specify it I need to ask a few questions regarding the monsters in penumbra black plague. In overture you can kill the enemies with pickaxes and stuff, but can you kill an enemy in black plague by throwing objects at it or is it just basically to slow it down?

RE: Black Plague help needed - Straxedix - 03-26-2015

The more you hit the monster the angrier it will be. Even fighting it back hide or even run if necessary. I don't think that there is scripted chair or something that you will trow on it and kill monster...nahhhh

RE: Black Plague help needed - Yuhaney - 03-26-2015

It's possible yes, but I think you have better fun playing the game than throwing box at it for an hour.

There used to be a video on YouTube where someone modded the game to include the tools from Overture. He threw like 7-10 sticks of dynamite at it and then finally was able to kill it.

RE: Black Plague help needed - plutomaniac - 03-26-2015

It's possible on BP but very difficult. The game was not designed to kill the monsters unlike Overture.

I remember back when I was playing, I hid behind some boxes and started throwing some smaller green ones at it and I had to do this something like 20 times in order to kill it. Honestly, before that I didn't even know it was possible.