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HPL2 Editor Suite Icons - Mudbill - 04-18-2015


I am, similarly to Traggey, one who likes to create custom icons for applications, especially if they come with a whopping 0 on their own. Thus, I created a set of icons for my HPL2 editors. I've been using them myself, but I figured perhaps someone else would like to use them as well. I put together a pack here with my icons, free for you to download if you wish!


The icons are in a Mac-like style, so I suppose it's up to you if you wanna use them on your Windows machine.

The download includes .icns files (for Mac), .ico files (for Windows) and general .png files if you need them.

[Image: gMcAmY3.png][Image: eHUO1f7.png] [Image: JpU9Kht.png]

Download here!

These are for private use only. Anything else, please contact me about it.


RE: HPL2 Editor Suite Icons - A.M Team - 04-18-2015

Thanks! Smile

RE: HPL2 Editor Suite Icons - LazzerBackup - 04-18-2015

Looking cool, if I'd be still working on hpl2, I'd definitely use them