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Amnesia: Escape - Teaser released! Custom story - X4anco - 05-12-2015

Hi everyone!

After years of making Amnesia custom story tutorials on my YouTube channel, I have finally decided to make my own custom story called Amnesia: Escape.

The premise behind the custom story is simply to escape. It doesn't focus too much on a story or a lengthy experience, swapping it out for tension and genuine scariness. The experience should last about 45 minutes, so it's not long at all - however, I hope that it's a horrifically good experience for you and it's my honor to bring it to you.

I am still working on it, however, I have the teaser here for you - make sure to check out my channel were I'll be uploading a video about my experience making it and some of the design choices behind it:

I look forward to any questions and/or feedback!