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Amnesia: Escape - Released! - X4anco - 05-21-2015

Who are you? What's going on? Where are you? What's happening? None of that is important here, the task is simple, escape! This custom story isn't long, an hour max, and doesn't really have a complete and comprehensive story, instead focusing on atmosphere and horror elements! This should provide you with a bitesize chunk of horror to enjoy! You can see the teaser I made below:

Download link:

I'll add some commentary into the game (because I find that stuff interesting to listen to) and I learnt quire a lot about making games when creating this.

Let me know what you think below! Love it or hate it!

I have realised that I accidentally published this thread in the wrong place, I am currently in the processing of moving it. Apologies.

RE: Amnesia: Escape - Released! - X4anco - 05-27-2015

I've just realised that I have accidentally started the player on the wrong map. Fuck... This is now fixed, shitting hell.

RE: Amnesia: Escape - Released! - X4anco - 06-03-2015

No youtube advertisement here, we have a lets play section for that.

// Uncle T

RE: Amnesia: Escape - Released! - TiManGames - 06-25-2015

I'm appreciate the effort to make the custom story but, it seems like another unoriginal custom story. No offense, really, but just seeing again a custom story with the same monsters from the original game, the same dark hallways and again those "i must escape and that's the only thing i need to do" quests is getting boring already.

Spooky dark place with spooky brute and "i must escape because why the hell not" quests is not enough for a creative, interesting and fresh custom story these days.