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About the never be Episode 3... - Havok to Zombie World - 10-02-2009

...just finished Overture and BP, so, what was the story behind the planned Episode 3? A zombie leak to the outside world? Haven't played Requiem yet but from what I have read, it doesn't evolve the story that much from BP.

RE: About the never be Episode 3... - nireth - 10-02-2009

The only thing I remember reading here was that the content of Black Plague was actually supposed to be spread over two episodes, so one scenario I could imagine is that episode 2 would've focused more heavily on a longer search for Dr. Eminiss ([REQUIEM SPOILER]
Spoiler below!
His voice is quite heavily featured in Requiem, which surprised me, so perhaps some of that was actually recycled from the three episode project
[/REQUIEM SPOILER]), ending perhaps with Philip finding his father and part 3 being centred around Dr. Swanson and the Tuurngait in more detail.

That's really just a guess though, I don't even know if what I read here is actually the truth.

RE: About the never be Episode 3... - Yuhaney - 10-02-2009

I have a feeling that they're gonna use the stuff on Unknown that they were gonna use in Episode 3.