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Blender 2.74.5 Collada Animation/Armature Export Issue - RaideX - 06-04-2015

Hey guys, yet again another problem.

Having read everything there is to animation and armature export with blenders collada exporter i'm still having a few issues with the model.

For one thing the exported mesh with armature does not seem to keep the bone positions. Thinking it has something to do with scale and/or the matrix option in the exporter yielded no improvement. (applying scale and changing "matrix" to TransRotLoc)

This leads to some weird miss placements while an animation is running. Seeing that the bone position is wrong i assumed that the problem lies with the initial rigged mesh.

Normalizing Weights didn't change anything. I'm having a model with a single bone so it should really not be that big of a problem (are single bone rigs even supported?)

Changing the format from .dae to .fbx changed nothing. Am using 1.3 patch.

[Image: z5ibZ6i.png]
Blenders Point of View

[Image: 3L1ymZz.png]
Export Settings

[Image: LX2npqs.png]
HPL View

[Image: fMeBMRd.png]

I know there is a bunch of information regarding animation export on this forum but all i found brought no real solutions. I'm guessing blender animation export works by now seeing as it didn't before the 1.3 Patch so please excuse me if the engine can't handle this as of now. I'd just like to now if it is possible at all and if somebody would be willing to show off the process of doing so. Thanks in advance!

RE: Blender 2.74.5 Collada Animation Export - Traggey - 06-04-2015

Moved to development support.

RE: Blender 2.74.5 Collada Animation Export - RaideX - 06-04-2015

(06-04-2015, 08:18 PM)Traggey Wrote: Moved to development support.

thank ya kindly.