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Trailer for your Custom Story - goodcap - 06-15-2015

Hi fellow custom content creators,

I am currently looking for custom stories that are in need of a trailer.
If you're interested I can create one for you for free.

I have been using programs such as Sony Vegas Pro for years now and I am positive I can create an awesome trailer to promote your custom story/Full Conversion Mod.

If you're interested, you can send me a PM and we'll discuss the details.

My production company is called CineMania and I have created intro's for short films that have been in selected theaters and various filmfestivals.

RE: Trailer for your Custom Story - A.M Team - 06-15-2015

Can you show us some of your works?

Link any youtube videos ect?

RE: Trailer for your Custom Story - DnALANGE - 06-15-2015

i am deinatly interested!
So i have you on Skype?
WE can have a talk and i would love to see some of your trailers you have done so far.

RE: Trailer for your Custom Story - dailycreepypasta - 07-04-2015

This sounds really awesome! I tried making a promotional video for my game but thanks to my crappy processor, the scenes of the game weren't so good (plus I don't have too much experience in making trailers). Please message me if you accept my request to have you make a trailer for my custom story.

Email Me (

My promo video.

Thank you.