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The Great Intelligence - MatiCekuriel - 07-03-2015

The Great Intelligence
By MatiCekuriel

I have to talk to you. The end of the world... these things on the surface... Everything is my fault.
If I hadn't have decided to go looking for my uncle in that June, ten years ago, none of this would have happened. The horrors I've seen...

I will tell you how I caused the end of the world.

The Custom Story will be separated in 3 different chapters :
-The Castle
-The Intelligence
-The End of the World

I can't tell you more about them >: )

This is a french Custom Story, so please forgive the mistakes ^^"
I didn't wrote a summary for the moment, even in french, but I'll do it as soon as posible !

Screenshots :
Spoiler below!

Chapter 1 main menu :
[Image: 1435682118-2015-06-30-00002.jpg]

[Image: 1433870074-2015-06-09-00002.jpg]

[Image: 1433747831-2015-06-07-00003.jpg]

RE: The Great Intelligence - DnALANGE - 07-03-2015

Just saying...
IF the whole story will be frenchm, a lot of people wont play it...
Looks good from the screenys!

RE: The Great Intelligence - MatiCekuriel - 07-03-2015

The voices will be in english and I will translate the notes (with some help Tongue )

RE: The Great Intelligence - Slanderous - 07-03-2015

The screenshots are looking quite jolly so far, though that title... It reminds me of something, can you guess what?

RE: The Great Intelligence - A.M Team - 07-03-2015

The Great Workaholic?

RE: The Great Intelligence - BeartrixTheStrange - 07-04-2015

This story sounds amazing!
If ya have a female that needs a voice, I'm more than willing to lend mine~

RE: The Great Intelligence - MatiCekuriel - 07-13-2015

Well I think there will be a female character Tongue
The first maps are almost finished and detailed Big Grin (except the introduction)

RE: The Great Intelligence - CarnivorousJelly - 07-14-2015

If you need some help with grammar/spelling, I can help occasionally c: Just PM me

Also the screen shots look pretty good! I like the frosty feeling they have - especially around the windows Big Grin

RE: The Great Intelligence - Rahmerh - 07-14-2015

Yea I really like that last screenshot! How did you make those snowy trees? I'd like to use that, if you'd allow me to Smile

RE: The Great Intelligence - MatiCekuriel - 07-14-2015

They are just trees from Amnesia, with a white-blue fog and a snow particles by EntART3t Tongue