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Looking for voice actors. - goodcap - 07-08-2015

Hello guys and gals from The Frictional Games Forum,

at the moment I am working on a Full Conversion Mod called Amnesia: Redemption with custom sounds, textures, music, menu etc.

All the information can be read on my "[WIP]Amnesia: Redemption" thread

At the moment i'm looking for voice actors who can do the voices of the player and "someone" who'se talking through speakers throughout the levels.


I'm looking for a depressed, low voice. The character has been through hell and back and the voice needs to represent that.

Dale Garner

The owner of the factory. He will speak to you through speakers and phonographs. He will need a normal and almost sarcastic voice.

Leave a message here or on my thread if you're interested. PM'ing is fine too.
Which roll would you like to play and we'll discuss the details via Skype.

In case I need to pursue you with pictures Wink

The things you see could be changed throughout the developement.

[Image: dvqSIqa.jpg]

[Image: Kxxb9iP.jpg]

[Image: 2UQYfgt.jpg]

RE: Looking for voice actors. - Radical Batz - 07-08-2015

I'd like to Audition for this ^^ Looks promising

RE: Looking for voice actors. - BeartrixTheStrange - 07-08-2015

Not sure if the player is female or not, or if you're even looking for a female voice, I am willing to audition for this anyways~

RE: Looking for voice actors. - AGP - 07-09-2015

Same as Beartrix, lol. Even if you just need help finding male voices, I'd be happy to spread the word. Big Grin