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Amfp kids - goodcap - 07-10-2015

When I open the child entities in the Model editor I get this error, but I can't choose the Enemy_Child at the User Defined Variables tab. How do I fix this?

[Image: ndQYxmX.jpg]

RE: Amfp kids - Reminiscity - 10-26-2016

I have the exact same problem. I tried setting the child as enemy_grunt but they will just "slide" backwards MJ-style when moving ingame.

RE: Amfp kids - Newsman Waterpaper - 10-26-2016

Solution: Set the Body_OffsetRot in the User Defined Variables to 0 180 0, it should solve it.

RE: Amfp kids - Mudbill - 10-27-2016

There is no enemy type of child in HPL2. It was custom made for AMFP. Therefore you're going to have to work around the lack of this type if you wanna use them. You could potentially make it an enemy grunt, an NPC, or another object and base it on animations and in-game scripts.