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In need of Voice Actors - Neelke - 07-14-2015

So, like the title of the thread says, I'm in need of some voice actors for the mod I'm developing. The storyline and info about what you're working with can be found in -->this<-- link.

Both female and male actors are needed so you can take your time to look through it if you're interested.

Each character has their own brief explaination of who they are, what gender, their purpose of being there and how their personality is. If you want to understand a few things I'm bringing up, it might be a good idea to look at the link above before reading these.

Spoiler below!
Name: Samuel Hamilton
Gender: Male

Purpose: The main character of the mod.

Personality: The mod is affected by choices, so how the personality functions here, depends on how the player plays.

Spoiler below!

Spoiler below!

Spoiler below!
Name: The Shadow
Gender: Preferrably male

Purpose: Marius have been using orbs (three of them if you want to be specific) and is therefore hunting Marius to get them back. But through cultism, the Shadow has been deluded to hunt after Samuel instead and thinking that Samuel is the one having the orbs, giving Marius just enough time to finishing his plans (bringing Lucifer to the world and destroying the human race, as he escapes to another dimension).

Personality: Cunning and seems to be very aggressive in killing, as it is all play-acting to fool the humans
it encounters, purely to see their reactions and determining whether they deserve the human life or not.

OPTIONAL AUDITIONS (either not necessary or can be handled personally)
Spoiler below!

Spoiler below!

RE: In need of Voice Actors - Neelke - 07-18-2015

Bumping this. Spots are being taken, so if you're interested, make a move soon.

RE: In need of Voice Actors - Neelke - 07-25-2015

Two voice actor spots left. Again, if someone's interested, make sure you tell me.