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Penumbra Collection for $5? - munk - 10-26-2009


I'm writing to ask if you plan to carry out another $5-for-the-collection weekend?
I currently cannot afford to buy games, though I don't want to play illegal ones.


RE: Penumbra Collection for $5? - Sexbad - 10-26-2009

That would be really cool. In the mean time, play this.

RE: Penumbra Collection for $5? - jens - 10-27-2009

Not for a while, there have been 3 weekend deals with the collection for $5 this year already, we think that is quite enough Smile

RE: Penumbra Collection for $5? - ajvitaly - 11-12-2009

Is there a good possibility of the game getting a nice sale during the steam holiday sales?

I've personally already purchased all 3 copies twice for myself (my second purchase was during the $5 sale on steam), and I've bought a copy for my brother, but I wanted to gift a couple of copies to random people off shacknews....