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Crash at Lambda [SPOILERS] - Matoking - 09-23-2015

I just arrived to Lambda in the game. When talking to Catherine after the attack, the game *always* crashes instantly after she has finished her "Is that an Omnitool you're carrying?" line. I've verified the game cache and also deleted the game and reinstalled it entirely, yet the issue persists. When the game crashes, the game just closes itself instantly, throwing me back to desktop.

I'm running Linux Mint 17 with 3.19.0-22 kernel. The GPU is NVIDIA GTX 780 and the driver is 352.39.

The contents of hpl.log are in this paste:

Additionally, these lines were printed in the kernel log at the time of the crashes.
[19061.561721] traps: Soma.bin.x86_64[9413] general protection ip:de650a sp:7ffdc96dd420 error:0 in Soma.bin.x86_64[400000+1904000]
[20938.624959] traps: Soma.bin.x86_64[10151] general protection ip:bb54d4 sp:7ffefca1c440 error:0 in Soma.bin.x86_64[400000+1904000]

RE: Crash at Lambda [SPOILERS] - Guest - 09-23-2015

Im crashing at the exactly same spot on the PS4 version. No way to progress further.

RE: Crash at Lambda [SPOILERS] - jens - 09-23-2015

Temporary solution is to replay from an earlier save from before you entered this level.