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Hello , i am from germany, i am just now finished the game on ps4, is realy best game ever i played on my life everything great about this game atmophere story graphics sounds ohh my goddddd big thanks for this game. I want just asking

Do you guys wanna making part 2 ? or any dlc ?

And other question is do you guys have a any plan for Penumbra and Amnesia bringint to playstation 4 ?

RE: 2 BIG QUESTION - Brennenburg - 09-25-2015

I know one of the devs said they might make DLC/sequel if the game sells well.

RE: 2 BIG QUESTION - enny330 - 09-25-2015

If there would be a spin-off on SOMA with the same content quality I would seriously be tempted to spend another $10. (Not soon, couple of months+ is fine).
The fundamental understandings of the 'AI versus human' are set, all of us gamers had to contemplate on our actions/choices. Knit further on this!
The proposed storyline could be expanded into various spin-offs exploiting this concept even further. (as in; more diverse situations/problems/paradoxes)
I see this game as a fun, philosophical way of contemplating our existance. And I think now (2015+) is a good time to make this concept more lively.