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Can't start my game. - Shade50 - 09-26-2015

I cant start my game, when i click play nothing happens, then after 3 seconds it says syncing next to SOMA in the steam library.

Geforce gtx 660 with the latest driver updates
Intel® Core™ i7-3770 CPU @ 3.49 GHz
Windows 8.1

Ive tried everything in these posts:
including reinstalling the game 3 times and tried that public beta thing.

But i dont have the hpl.log so cant really show anything
dont have any save folder eather so cant do anything about settings.
Is there anything i missed, havnt tried?
If it helps i get the 0xc000007b problem when i try to run it from folder. tried fixing that but didnt work. I cant olso not run in NO_steam mode..
Any help is appreciated Thanks.

RE: Can't start my game. - MineiroAM - 09-26-2015

i have the same problem, never could play the game, exact same situation.

i tried install c++ 2015 but still nothing

RE: Can't start my game. - Thomas - 09-28-2015

Please check A.8 here:

And see if that helps.

RE: Can't start my game. - Guest - 09-28-2015

(09-28-2015, 09:03 AM)Thomas Wrote: Please check A.8 here:

And see if that helps.

I have above the recommended Requirements.
I dont have the HPL.log so i cant see if my card is supported.
I have the latest update for my drivers.
And no i dont have an intel card.

Thanks for the reply tho Smile

(09-28-2015, 09:03 AM)Thomas Wrote: Please check A.8 here:

And see if that helps.

Aah you ment A8 on this one:

IT WORKED!!!!!! i cant belive i overlooked this...
Thank you so much Thomas Big Grin keep up with the good work and the awesome games! I'll try to spread the word see if it helps anyone Smile