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Happy Birthday Sexbad! - A.M Team - 09-27-2015

Wherever you are...

Happy Birthday!

I hope you get to play SOMA some day...

I remember Sexbad used to post up a lot during pre-AMFP and then disappeared after that. What are your moments with the guy? Heart

RE: Happy Birthday Sexbad! - Mudbill - 09-27-2015


RE: Happy Birthday Sexbad! - Romulator - 09-27-2015

It seems he's before our time Mudbill, his last post was in 2012.

Nonetheless, happy birthday should you ever visit the forums again after two years~ Yay, +1 to my post count!

RE: Happy Birthday Sexbad! - Kurton - 09-27-2015

That guy is/was awesome

RE: Happy Birthday Sexbad! - Nice - 09-27-2015

I remember him, the italian homosexual who made reviews! Happy birthday eitherway

ps: before something weird comoes out, I pointed out his gender preferences because a lot of the times, the content of his post was related to it

RE: Happy Birthday Sexbad! - CarnivorousJelly - 09-27-2015

He was the guy with ninja turtles in his signature right?

Happy birthday to the person who doesn't frequent the forums anymore!