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I am stuck! - master of disaster - 12-26-2009

Yo, I am new here. I have one question. At the moment I am playing Penumbra, I guess it is Requiem, and I got stuck. I came to some room where is some computer with email that says some codes of some rooms. I have to find some card that is used for opening some doors. Can anyone tell me how and were to find that card?Huh

RE: I am stuck! - Xsdsdds - 01-09-2010

Sounds Like Tech Penumbra (i could be wrong, never played Requiem yet, still on black plague.) [Spoiler] Anyway, I belive theres a door next to a steam leak (the three pipe steam leak) theres a pot thing pick it up and mix both the acid and the thing you just picked up then go melt the lock at the start, i could be wrong if its Requiem. [Spoiler]

RE: I am stuck! - ROT51 - 01-09-2010

Yes! It's Tech Demo. It's been a long while i last time been playing it, but i remember the card can be found at the starting room inside one of the lockers. Use the acid to break the lock as Xsdsdds said.