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Force windowed mode on startup - kvsari - 10-07-2015

How do I force SOMA to run in windowed mode on startup? Is there a command line option that overrides anything in the configuration files?

I purchased SOMA on Steam. While trying different video settings to make the game run smoothly, I ended up choosing a full-screen resolution which causes the game to go to a black screen and flicker with the mouse locking up. I have to kill SOMA before I can use X again. Now, whenever I try to run SOMA, it defaults to this botched setting and I can't do anything.

I've checked about deleting your user profile but I have none. There is no Main directory in my ~/.local/share/Steam/steamapps/common/SOMA root nor is there a <UserName_Number>_user_settings.cfg that I can find "find * | grep .cfg". I played the first ten seconds of the game before jumping out and starting to tweak video settings. I tried running Soma.bin.x86_64 -cfg config/main_init_dev.cfg but the graphics settings persist.

RE: Force windowed mode on startup - Mudbill - 10-07-2015

Check this directory: ~/.local/share/frictionalgames/SOMA/
You should be able to edit whether it's fullscreen or not, and also the specific resolution.

RE: Force windowed mode on startup - Guest - 10-07-2015

Thank you very much.