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Omicron Scenario - Cannot Progress - chasteleth - 10-09-2015

Hi, I guess this is more of a game logic issue than a technical problem but it is preventing me from continuing the game nonetheless.

In the Omicron area of the game I think I have triggered a situation in which you cannot progress. In the power room section I took damage from the enemy while attempting to retrieve the required item. After getting the item I had all 3 items that were needed. Previous to this I had used the two health charging arm hole things in the area, so now I was left unable to sprint and unable to regain the health.

In the next part of the game in North Hall you have to sprint run to the next room as you are chased by a monster, obviously now at this part I am unable to sprint. It seems that the monster is scripted to always chase you at that part, so I can't progress.

As the game doesn't allow you to return to a save beyond the most recent one, I think I'm now completely stuck.

Are you able to advise any way to resolve this beyond restarting from the beginning of the game? I'm hoping I haven't been stupid and completely missed something that would help.


RE: Omicron Scenario - Cannot Progress - Mudbill - 10-09-2015

You should be able to reload earlier saves from any time using the load menu instead of the continue menu. Though, that might not be necessary. I don't know the in-game solution to this I'm afraid, but perhaps one of the devs has a hint (that is, if this isn't an inescapable situation of course. If so, they'll likely go about and fix it).

RE: Omicron Scenario - Cannot Progress - chasteleth - 10-09-2015

That's it, I completely neglected the Load Game option from the main menu. Because you can't access that from the in game menu it slipped my mind completely.

Thanks for your help, this thread can be closed.

RE: Omicron Scenario - Cannot Progress - Romulator - 10-09-2015

Closed as per request.