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DARK SIDE [voice actors wanted] - Danarogon AP - 10-14-2015

[Image: iJ9jsUA.gif]
[Image: update_by_danarogon_ap-d9iclct.png]
[Image: AATLcd8.png]
[Image: screenshots_by_danarogon_ap-d9gy6e7.png]

Dark Side's development team is in need of additional members!

3D Artist/Animator:

You will be expected to aid in the UV mapping of custom models made by the team (no actual modeling needed). You will also be required to animate characters, NPCs, World Objects and Enemies.
If all the mandatory custom models and animations are finished, and if you are still interested in the project, you may be asked to do additional modeling work.

Composer: Taken by Kurton

Voice actors:

If you are interested in being a voice actor, please record yourself reading the following lines and send them to me (Danarogon) as a PM:

F = Female Only
M = Male Only
FM= Doesn't Matter

F- (playful, sassy and in good mood (no actual danger))

"You know I'd love to hear you snore for half an hour longer, but our little humanitarian ship of love and compassion is heading straight to a three thousand kilometer wide rock, and no one is on the driving seat. So unless you want a modern take on the titanic, I'd recommend doing something about it."

M-(Also playful, but just woke up a few seconds ago)

"Could we at least reenact the steamy car part first?... Wait... You were listening to me snore? You do know that raises all kinds of red flags right?"

FM-(automated synthetic voice but with slight sense of pride)

"Welcome IMBM employee 241968, to The CN-Hertzsprung, Home to the THOROTRAST Observatory. Weather you'll be joining us to help chart the stars, mine the underground riches, or search for a fresh new start. We hope your stay with us is a pleasant one. CN-Hertzprung: Bringing Humanity into the Cosmos."

FM-(extremely scared and angry)

"Thomas?! Jane?! Anyone? Do you read me? Goddammit... Where the fuck are you?! This can't be happening... How the fuck is this happening? I can't be lost, I have the fucking map... This fucking piece of shit!"

RE: DARK SIDE - Kurton - 10-14-2015

So which enemy is going to have Nyan Cat for a face this time around?

RE: DARK SIDE - Danarogon AP - 10-14-2015

(10-14-2015, 04:36 AM)Kurton Wrote: So which enemy is going to have Nyan Cat for a face this time around?

DARK SIDE is being developed by the same pair that made Dark Room (that would be me and Draco Striker), however, this is not a troll map. The mod has its name due to the story's location and themes.

RE: DARK SIDE - Filizitas - 10-14-2015

Well there arent any CS out there yet. So this is great Big Grin
Cant wait to see more!

RE: DARK SIDE - The Lynx - 10-14-2015

Yo. Heard you try to make a Custom Story.
Do you need help in any way?

RE: DARK SIDE - WALP - 10-14-2015

better be worth the hype you are trying to make Wink

RE: DARK SIDE - Filizitas - 10-14-2015

Theres an download inside the picture!!! wtf

RE: DARK SIDE - TiManGames - 10-14-2015

(10-14-2015, 07:22 PM)Filizitas Wrote: Theres an download inside the picture!!! wtf

Can you send it?

RE: DARK SIDE - Filizitas - 10-14-2015

Ohhh... my ears... dying XD what dafaq XD

RE: DARK SIDE - TiManGames - 10-14-2015

(10-14-2015, 07:29 PM)Filizitas Wrote:

Ohhh... my ears... dying XD what dafaq XD

Maybe you should put that audio in Audacity, try to see what the audio "draws".