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Italian Gothic Horror - Googolplex - 10-20-2015

Horror movies in general are a very special topic. It is very hard to find good quality stuff in this genre, but many people like watching horror movies and there are some really great masterpieces from Italy that most people don't know and therefore I think they deserve it to get mentioned. Anyone ever heard about horror maestros Mario Bava, Dario Argento or Giorgio Ferroni?

This are their best works and some of them are literally the scariest and most virulent horror movies of all time.

Suspiria, Inferno, Black Sunday, Black Sabbath, The Curse of the Living Dead, The Whip and the Body, Blood and Black Lace, Mill of the Stone Women

Suspiria by Dario Argento is the most praised masterpiece here and very well known for fans of this artistically horror niche. Inferno is the successor to Suspiria and part of the "Mother of Tears" trilogy, but the third part does no longer meet the qualities of the first two movies in my opinion. The horror classics from Mario Bava are fantastic art of macabre, Gothic stylish horror. When you ask your friends if they know good horror movies, you will probably hear things like modern cinematic such as Sinister, Paranormal Activity, Saw or Rec - movies that are actually in mainstream. But here I want to show some "different and experimental" horror productions that I really understand to appreciate.

Some pictures of the macabre Gothic-horror by Italian genius:

[Image: Barbara-Steele-in-Mask-of-007.jpg]

[Image: BAVA-BS7.jpg]

[Image: karloff-BLACKSABBATH.jpg?token=yqfMm2ojC...zGTbBAU%3D]

[Image: MillOfTheStoneWomen7.jpg]

Should give some of these a try.)

RE: Italian Gothic Horror - A.M Team - 10-20-2015

Here's Italy with horror geniuses but in Ireland we have this:


KEEP IN MIND: This is an AMERICAN film made in Ireland, but it still sucked that it was made here. This concept actually could have been great with the right person, just look at what a bog person actually looks like:

Spoiler below!
[Image: bogman2.jpg]
That's freaky!

RE: Italian Gothic Horror - Newsman Waterpaper - 10-20-2015

This is an old(possibly Celtic?) Jack O Lantern from Ireland.
[Image: turnip.jpg]