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The Strigoi - BonesTheRabbit - 10-24-2015

[Image: fKqFkwq.png]

"Heed this warning, stranger: I have seen that which hunts you..."


So, I'm mostly making this thread to dedicate myself to actually completing this project. I've reached a point where finishing seems like a realistic outcome. This will be my first work for Amnesia: The Dark Descent, though I hope it's enjoyable for those who end up playing it. I don't have any screenshots just yet, but hope to add a few soon. I'm also not entirely sure how long this story will be, though I'll have a better sense of pacing once I get a few people to playtest it. I'd say I'm about 60% completed thus far, but I might also be shortchanging my progress. Thanks so much for reading, and keep an eye on this thread for further updates.

RE: The Strigoi - CarnivorousJelly - 10-26-2015

I've seen some of the stuff you've made, it's pretty neat!

Now finish this CS

RE: The Strigoi - FlawlessHappiness - 10-26-2015

Looking forward to updates! Smile

RE: The Strigoi - BonesTheRabbit - 12-02-2015

[Image: o8h4pIa.gif]

Just a very simple teaser. Cheers.

RE: The Strigoi - BonesTheRabbit - 01-05-2016

Bumping. Returned to work on this after the holidays. No spoilers, yet. To be honest, would like to wait until playtesting to do too many teasers.

RE: The Strigoi - Kurton - 01-14-2016

Lovin the lightning, Bones

RE: The Strigoi - BonesTheRabbit - 03-06-2016

This is still happening. I've been fighting off my self-loathing and all of that jazz to get 'er done. One more area, some scripting, and some writing and she's done. I have no idea how long that'll take, but hopefully it'll yield an enjoyable (and / or horrifying) experience.

(01-14-2016, 07:02 AM)Kurton Wrote: Lovin the lightning, Bones

Thank you so much, Kurton!