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SOMA Screenshot Thread - Nautilus - 10-30-2015

Hello! I really loved Soma (especially the environments and creepy atmosphere) and i had a blast not only playing the game, but also just running around taking screenshots of all the cool stuff. So i figured id start up a thread with that in mind. Cant wait to see everyone's shots! Smile

[Image: lA1aC9y.png]

[Image: J6Uy6K3.png]

[Image: 8tdXW0t.png]

[Image: 4cdOohw.png]

[Image: EUPnhWV.png]

[Image: N6yNaof.png]

[Image: ZZw6iSh.png]

[Image: abM5UZC.png]

[Image: JvASJkm.png]

RE: SOMA Screenshot Thread - locustlab - 10-31-2015

god what a beauty
this game is great Big Grin

especially bubble butt

RE: SOMA Screenshot Thread - A.M Team - 10-31-2015


The name of the robot is K8, we must end this injustice!

RE: SOMA Screenshot Thread - WALP - 10-31-2015

(10-31-2015, 12:23 AM)TheDoctorPoo Wrote: #whythek8h8

The name of the robot is K8, we must end this injustice!

I would say Kate is more fitting actually. it sounds like Kate if you pronounce K8 a certain way, and K8 is referred to as Kate several times within the game's script.

bubblebutt can fock uff though, that name belongs to the Mark guy, let him keep it.

RE: SOMA Screenshot Thread - GhylTarvoke - 10-31-2015

Lovely, Nautilus! Could you post a screenshot of the Leviathan (the huge worm thing in the abyss)? It looks super-cool, but I can never get a good shot of it.

RE: SOMA Screenshot Thread - Romulator - 10-31-2015

(10-31-2015, 12:23 AM)TheDoctorPoo Wrote: #whythek8h8

The name of the robot is K8, we must end this injustice!

You do know the forum did the exact same thing with "Disco Ball Head", right?

Not many people are aware K8's name is K8. The only real hint to it is a couple of posters (in Omicron I believe) and the computer terminal in Delta. The robot can ideally be named whatever it wants to be named by the individual; don't start up a revolution about "Why it is K8". He/She cannot speak. If the robot said something like "Hello! My name is K8 (Kate)", I'm sure 1/3rd of the internet wouldn't label it otherwise. Mark saw but did not acknowlege K8 as K8's name in Delta, likely because he had settled that its name was Bubble Butt before K8's name can be revealed.

I was here for the backend of Stefano. Stuff like this will happen. Just ignore it, since it's a community based acceptance.

Also, just in case anybody says "Why not just post your screenshots in the other threads", this is for official screenshots in the core game as taken by the community. Please try to keep it so.

I'll be sure to contribute some if I can get my laptop to co-operate with me at 1366x768 resolution and reasonable graphics :p

RE: SOMA Screenshot Thread - Nautilus - 10-31-2015

[Image: EFDegbS.png]

[Image: 1LArPM6.png]

It is a great looking game locustlab. I was completely immersed in the environments just like i was in Bioshock and Alien isolation.

Thanks GhylTarvoke Smile I do have a few of Leviathan. Ill post one in just a bit.

Haha just squirt some structure gel on your laptop Modulator and youll be good to go :p (p.s. thanks for the avatar!)

[Image: 0oJBBSh.png]

[Image: 07DKsMc.png]

RE: SOMA Screenshot Thread - GhylTarvoke - 10-31-2015

Drop-dead gorgeous. These are the best SOMA screenshots I've seen on the internet.

EDIT: I just noticed that the zeppelin is disturbingly flea-like.

RE: SOMA Screenshot Thread - Kaizerwolf - 10-31-2015

Once I've upgraded my machine, I will absolutely contribute some shots! I had to play through on Medium texture, since my rig couldn't handle the best settings.

RE: SOMA Screenshot Thread - Nautilus - 11-01-2015

I never noticed that either GhylTarvoke, but now i totally see it. And truthfully this game deserves so much love. Screenshots, videos, mods. All of it. I have a little over 1000 shots of Soma which took me around 50 hours or so to get (I run a screenshot/review blog, so i like to stock up on images of games i really like and randomly post them over time) and i cant tell you how enjoyable it was just to slowly go through the game and admire the setting, art direction and level design. I was bummed that there werent more screenshots out there of Soma, so i hope this thread changes that. Smile

Sounds good Kaizerwolf. Look forward to seeing them!