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Why this games are so unknown? - Googolplex - 02-21-2010

The games from Frictional Games are in my country (germany) very unknown.
You can't buy Penumbra in our shops (only Amazon).
Nobody has heared of it before.

Why it is?
Penumbra is the once real horror-game.
Better than Doom, FEAR, Silent Hill, Resident Evil or Dead Space.

Why this games are not avaiable in germany?
There's no publisher for it?

I think that will be the same with Amnesia.
Frictional Games would get money and we in germany would get the game.
Why there is a big problem?

Its not difficult to translate the games in different languages to sell it around of the world.
That makes game more successful.

I love Penumbra and Amnesia but I hate games in english language.
And I would not have a download-version because there are problems to install coming patches (if any).

what do you mean for?

RE: Why this games are so unknown? - ikir - 02-21-2010

Indie dev :-)

They can't spend much money in ads or distribution. Anyway in italy i've seen a boxed Penumbra Overture pc version if i remember correclty.

You find these kind of games online, other great games form indie: Machinarum, Natural Selection 2, OverGrowth.

RE: Why this games are so unknown? - Akong - 02-26-2010

I bought my copy as the Penumbra collection box-set from my local Gamestop. (Local in Denmark being the closest city with a population over 100)

RE: Why this games are so unknown? - TheLittleGarfield - 02-27-2010

I was looking for good horror games on the internet becouse I was disapointed in all the games I played. (Maybe except Call of Cthulhu Big Grin)
Then I saw a game called Penumbra. I thought - why not. BEST THING I EVER THOUGHT OF.

RE: Why this games are so unknown? - ajvitaly - 02-27-2010

I couldn't finish call of cthulu. It started out so eerie, spooky, and fun. Then as soon as weapons play came in the game was terrible. I got just past the hoover led assault on the factory before I lost all interest.

RE: Why this games are so unknown? - Akong - 02-28-2010

Yeah, me too. Shame, really, it had a lot of potential.

RE: Why this games are so unknown? - FreundHein - 02-28-2010

I'm from Germany, too, and all the local stores here (i.e. Saturn, Media Markt, Real) offer Penumbra. Where were you searching for it?

Big magazines like GameStar haven't rated Penumbra well and just had small articles about it, so that might also be a cause for it being widely unknown here. Although I bought Black Plague just because of that article.