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Building Guide - Urkle - 05-14-2010

OK.. here's a quick (hopefully clear) building guide. (also a variant here in the github wiki.. Someone wants to make it cleaner and more understandable please feel free )

1. So first start with a folder of "OvertureSource"
2. inside that folder checkout HPL1Engine, OALWrapper, and PenumbraOverture.
3. download and extract the on the HPL1Engine download page.

The directory structure should look like this.


the projects in each piece are setup to reference ../dependencies for headers and library linking. So this should build Out of the box for Mac OS X and Linux.

For Windows
Someone needs to contribute a project file for the OALWrapper and then make sure I did all the paths correctly for linking. (Being a non-windows user I just manually edited away at the VS project files.)

For linux
The build system is Cmake just run
cd PenumbraOverture
cmake .
You can have cmake create an eclipse project if you so choose.. Or even import the project into netbeans 6.8. (I have used both and am currently using netbeans).

For Mac OS X
The build system is all Xcode. Ideally I would like the cmake system for all platforms..

Just open the Penumbra xcode project in the PenumbraOverture folder and build. Everything is setup as relative and will compile. (I last tested and build this ON my Mac box).