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Floating door - nofsky - 05-18-2010

I was replaying Penumbra Overture and I noticed some doors behave very strange once you knock them off their hinges...

I made a video of it, check it out.

I even tried to use it to block that steam leak but it just blew away!

RE: Floating door - ROT51 - 05-18-2010

Yes. I noticed the same. I think only the metal doors can moved like that.. i guess. Good vid!

RE: Floating door - NeatNit - 05-19-2010

It's only realistic. I don't see a problem here.

RE: Floating door - Yuhaney - 05-19-2010

I've noticed this too.
But the truth is: Have you ever tried to pick up a door, using only one hand? Tongue

RE: Floating door - nofsky - 05-19-2010

(05-19-2010, 12:32 AM)NeatNit Wrote: It's only realistic. I don't see a problem here.

Where do you live, and is it common for doors to be filled with helium there? Wink

Anyway, I usually don't try to break down random doors so I never noticed this before... pretty funny glitch, though.

RE: Floating door - Felix Atagong - 05-19-2010

Physics are really weird in overture. I once 'glued' a metal barrel against a wall, it just kept sticking there, but the most funny thing was the chair I put upon a wooden crate hanging with a metal cable on a crane. I could put the chair in the middle of the crate and the metal cable was now going through the chair.

RE: Floating door - SHODANFreeman - 05-19-2010

It looks like it's still trying to open the door while you are lifting it, so it wiggles around.