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Game crashes upon launch - bugattikid2012 - 12-13-2015

Running Arch with KDE Plasma, as well as the "nvidia" driver package and "lib32-nvidia-libgl". Dota, CS:GO, and CIV 5 all work fine, so I'm not sure where the error is on my end. Before I reinstalled, SOMA also launched, but had audio static.

I can't find any obvious way to check for logs or something, so I'm not sure what I need to dump here. I read about the deleting the SD2 ish library, but I also read that this workaround was no longer needed. I tried it anyways, and it didn't solve anything.

Basically, I launch the game and it crashes as soon as I choose, "Play SOMA"

Not sure what to do, and it's 3AM so I'm going to sleep. I can post whatever is needed sometime tomorrow.

Edit: Ended up resetting my locale and that fixed it.