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Localization of Penumbra - Googolplex - 06-20-2010

On 30.09.2010 is coming out a completely localized version of the penumbra collection for germany.
My question is:
- Can it be that there are cutted off some game elements or that some elements are censored?
- Can it be that the official updates for the games not more are compatible with this new localized versions?
- Who localized that? Does Frictional Games working on that too?
- Or does the localization only means the german language and texts?

What do you mean for a localized version?

RE: Localization of Penumbra - jens - 06-20-2010

-Don't know
-Don't know
-Don't know
-Don't know

As simple as that Smile

Sorry but no idea really, I am guess it will not be censored, the original releases did not have anything removed that was not in the original. Updates should work fine, at worst you will maybe have to point the update installer to the right installation directory of the game. We have not done any work involving this re-release and have no idea if it is text only or voice and text.

RE: Localization of Penumbra - Thomas - 06-20-2010

Just wanna add that for answers to your questions, contact who ever is publishing / distributing it in Germany.

RE: Localization of Penumbra - Googolplex - 06-21-2010

Thank you FG.
it will be published by dtp entertainment.

But you did not find it on their homepage.
Amazon says that it will be coming out.
The release 30.09.2010 saying all the sites here:

I have sent an e-mail to dtp entertainment but there comes no answer.

Here is it on amazon. But it is not in stores how it says!