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Thanks for a refreshing game! - devmarc - 06-22-2010

sry if this is in the wrong place or wont be seen by the devs.

I just finished Penumbra Overture and i have to say its on my list of most favorite games ever. How the game works, the way it plays with your head and how you interact with the environment ( opening doors yourself then just clicking ) is brilliant. Games like Dead Space and Doom 3 have scary parts at the start, but its all the same so it gets old very quick, unlike Penumbra that i found was like the Blair Witch project, with its controlling and playing with your head.

I loved the reading in Penumbra Overture, prob on the tad of to much but my brother ( that completed it before me ) kept telling me to read everything as it helps to understand things later down the line, including the next two games. I also loved the way you can over time learn to fight the dogs, its not telling you to do it like most games, it leaves the door open for you ( the player ) to pick. Me and my brother had a discussion on how most games these days have such a control over the player on how they SHOULD play, unlike old games we used to play, that expected you to learn and use your head to figure things out yourself and sometimes think out of the box.

anyway in short i loved the game because the script, the gameplay and sounds where all brilliant and found it a refreshing game because it didn't hold my hand like i am a 5yr old all the way through, telling me what i should do, it allowed ME to use my head.

hope this makes sense Big Grin and thank you Frictional Games for such an enjoyable game. When i say enjoyable i mean it when i wasn't to scared to play and wasn't in the dark at night, alone Big Grin

I have ordered the Penumbra Collection and await its delivery soon (wahoo), also i plan on pre-ordering Amnesia

RE: Thanks for a refreshing game! - Yuhaney - 06-22-2010

Welcome to the forums!

Glad you liked the game!
I'm not a developer of this game, but I can tell you that they DO see what you wrote, since they are active on these forums and update their blog every now and then. Wink