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Penumbra FanArt - Jd Smooth - 07-12-2010

[Image: 1ae1910b22ee.jpg]
Spoiler below!
[Image: a7f3685124ed.jpg]

[Image: 3a0d4b212057.jpg]
Contact: ???

RE: Penumbra FanArt - Salamatiqus - 07-15-2010

Nice work Smile
Reminds me of "At the Mountains of Madness". Just put another one guy into the picture and...

RE: Penumbra FanArt - Jd Smooth - 07-15-2010

[Image: dc7631d2474d.jpg]
PhotoShop + Paint
Contact: Drex Cry
[Image: b2ceb119b4d9.jpg]
Russian art)
Contact: Elizabeth Igorevna

RE: Penumbra FanArt - Gunslingerjh - 08-06-2010

Wow these pictures look amazing! Never saw them before

RE: Penumbra FanArt - Jd Smooth - 08-16-2010

[Image: 760bdd81eab7.jpg]
by *IsisMasshiro

RE: Penumbra FanArt - Carrna - 12-26-2011

What the heck is thiiis? Amnesia has a fanart thread that's 30 pages long and Penumbra has just this? T^T Penumbra obviously needs more love. Here's a What is Love loop for Penumbra I made:

Flash with music

GIF without music

RE: Penumbra FanArt - Carrna - 01-08-2012

Nyan Infected Dog /rofl

RE: Penumbra FanArt - Sarcophagus - 01-09-2012

[Image: y_u_no_have_better_id___by_firekitty29-d441tgz-6.jpg]

RE: Penumbra FanArt - BlueFury - 01-09-2012

Post above me is pure failure, penumbra was amazing and very scary.

RE: Penumbra FanArt - Carrna - 02-18-2012

Penumbra need moar love. Moar fanart. Me draw moar fanart. Me smash.