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[spoiler] Amabel Swanson. I feel bad. - Dren - 07-21-2010

So I've just finished Black Plague..

I sort-of knew I would probably never meet Amabel alive and well. In a game like Black Plague, I would never expect to have a friend walking next to me. I already guessed she wouldn't be there, be dead, be a hallucination, get infected or whatever.

As it turned out, I had to kill her.. I even tried loading a savegame and let her smash me to bits, but strangely, that just got me killed. I still hope somehow the theory she really was infected and Clarence only changed my perception when looking at the body, making her look un-infected just to make me feel bad was right. But it doesn't seem that's what the writers intended, and being able to get killed by her is really just a story glitch. I really did kill her.

She had the sweetest voice!!

I will now go to bed, fall asleep crying and have some nightmares.

RE: [spoiler] Amabel Swanson. I feel bad. - Felix Atagong - 07-21-2010

I know --- spoiler alert --- that (according to the programmers) it was Clarence who gave you the hallucinations (see also the excellent blog about Amabel at

But if Amabel was just a hallucination (of an infected) why did she then try to run to you time after time. Why didn't she just hide under a table or in a cupboard until the hallucination would wear off? (The answer is of course because her death was written into the script.)

RE: [spoiler] Amabel Swanson. I feel bad. - Bek - 07-22-2010

I prefer the theory that Clarence created the illusion that she WASN'T infected (after you killed her - for memory the screen even fades to white for a tiny period) so she actually was infected which does make sense. You never saw her on webcam for a reason. This means she is attacking you, Clarence can't actually hurt you, therefore she must have.

one possible hole in this theory is that she should have been able to communicate with the other infected in the shelter to come back her up, but tbh I believe that's just a gameplay decision.

RE: [spoiler] Amabel Swanson. I feel bad. - Sexbad - 07-22-2010

How about, maybe she was just like Doctor Eminiss? He spoke and probably looked human, but he transformed very quickly. Possibly during chats Amabel was still human, but then shit hit the fan in between you chatting with her and her bludgeoning you with the biggest hug of your life. Perhaps her connection to the hive was rather small at the time, because few greys were near and apparently you need buddies to help you out with your telepathic connection.